BE Thirsty for… travel + hydration


Cold weather, sun, alcohol, way too much on-the-go treats - all contributing factors that cause skin to freak out while traveling. Whether I’m getting off a long flight that has stale, crazy-dry recirculated air, in a different climate or away from my normal routine, my skin seems to need some extra attention.


I used to be one of those teenagers who got away with never having to deal with my skin, who knows maybe It was just youth on my side. I could travel for weeks and basically, the only thing that would touch my face would be sunscreen and salt water. It’s only within the last few years that I noticed the toll my skin was taking from not nourishing it properly.

For the last 2 months, I have been using L’Occitane’s new Aqua Réotier range on a daily basis and have been taking it with me on all of my cheeky adventures. This range prides itself on being full of minerals and has super high levels of calcium which were discovered in a natural Réotier Spring in France. It’s also recommended for super dehydrated skin and dull skin tones. I knew this skin-care collection was going to be perfect for my all over the place travel routine.


Fast forward 2 months and my skin has never been so dewy and bright. In winter, I’m quite prone to dry, flaky skin and because I’m not tanned most of my uneven skin tones and imperfections show about 100x times more than they do in summer. I wouldn’t dare think about going out bare-faced. I can honestly say I’ve never been more confident with a fresh face and my dry skin is nonexistent. When I’ve been away from home I’ve taken the cleanser, prep essence and crème moisturiser with me in the little travel sized bottles and have used all three morning and night. It’s kept my skin hydrated throughout the whole day no matter the conditions. For me, this is super important because I don’t want to be worrying about my skin on the go.

To any of you fellow travelers, if you’ve read the above it resonates with you I highly recommend you try the new Aqua Réotier range. Go in-store and ask the lovely ladies for some samples. 

You can see the full range and more details on the collection here:

Courtney Tyler